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Baking Team Building Singapore | Join Teambuilding

Baking Team Building

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Baking Team Building Workshops Inspire Creativity

Why Baking Team Building Challenge can be exciting? Because it will unveil your baking skill that was never discovered!

Baking, like music, is a universal ‘language’. It brings people together, bonds hearts and ignites creativity in every individual.

Baking Team Building workshops are amongst the best bonding activities to encourage team spirit and enhance good relationships between colleagues. Our delicately-tailored baking workshops ensure you have a great time together, invoking fun and laughter, sparking endless creativity and realising the benefits of working together.

Discover Your Hidden Passion

Teambuilding baking workshops can even lead to the discovery of a new skill or developing a new passion in an individual. Done in a cosy, non work-related environment, it allows people to work together in teams, facilitate better communication and cooperation in a fun and interactive way.

We have a buffet of classes to choose from, some of which are the popular ones like Cupcake Warriors, Cupcake Challenge, Cake Pops Creation, Cake Baking, Macarons Making, Molten Lava Mastery, Customised Baking and many more.

Experience the fun and engaging moments that will tie hearts together and engrave long-lasting memories in your mind!

At the end of the session, every participant gets to enjoy his/her own creative baking products – the result of the great teamwork with all the team members.


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Chocolate Eclair Baking Team Building


Cream Puffs Baking Team Building

cream puffs team building

Halal Baking Team Building

halal baking team building

Cupcakes Baking Team Building

team building cupcake baking

Baking Connects & Brings People Together

The Cupcake Warriors Challenge

Discover the secrets of baking with The Cupcake Warriors Challenge. This fun and interactive activity capitalizes on your team’s creativity, boosts your team spirit and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. This is a great event that can be done before or after a meal break, thus it is suitable to be incorporated into your lunch hour, tea-break or even dinner.

Increase the level of difficulty with a Team Mystery Challenge. Here, each team is to decorate their cupcakes and promote them to the other teams.

When the battle begins, teams are challenged to decorate their cupcakes so that their baked creations symbolize the team’s slogan, the company’s motto or any other theme of their choice and preference.

Team Building Activities for Youth

Each team will be given plain cupcakes that can be decorated. With a variety of cupcake design supplies, tools and assorted decorating materials, the group members will turn their concept into reality. After the cupcakes are designed, decorated and displayed, each team will create a “commercial ad” to present and “market” their cupcakes to the entire group.

Each team will also be given materials to create an exclusive “DISPLAY” in which they’ll be able to arrange their unique yummylicious creations into the most tempting show pieces. The most unique and creative cupcake creation and the best designed display wins!

Finally participants can enjoy their finished creations while sharing a good time of fruitful team building together.

Interested to learn more? Want to enrol in our Baking Team Building Workshops? Feel free to contact us today!



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