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Corporate Team Building Activities

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The Best Corporate Team Building Activities

Have you started noticing a few droopy shoulders in your office? Are your team members in need of a bit more energy and motivation? Sounds like it is time to plan corporate team building activities to reduce stress, facilitate bonding and generally have fun.

There is no need to keep repeating the dreaded trust falls; instead, try out the following activities.

Volunteering For A Good Cause

Setting time aside to support a certain good cause is not only great for feeling a sense of accomplishment, it is also one of the best corporate team building activities that fosters bonding. Some of the main volunteering ideas you should check out include things like delivering gifts and spending time at children’s hospitals or volunteering at an old folks home.

There are also skill-based options when it comes to volunteering, which is where your team spend time using their skills to help non-profit organisations. Some of these include overseas medical aids to poorer countries or helping to build a school for villagers in far flung areas of third world countries.

Mystery Dinner For Communication

On one night of the week, you send several people from various teams in your organisation to dinner at a local restaurant. A manager hosts the dinner and it offers an exciting way for random people from the same organisation, but from different departments, to spend time together enjoying good conversation and good food.

The mystery aspect of these corporate team building activities comes from the fact that the employees may not really know each other, since the only thing that you will communicate to each participating member is the time and location of the dinner. Moreover they may not have the opportunity to communicate with each other during the course of their daily work.

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Escape Room Events

Also included in this list of fun corporate team building activities are escape room events. It works by locking people in a certain room for a minimum of one hour, and the group must work together to find clues, solve puzzles and determine where the key is in order to unlock the door and escape out of the room.

These games have become extremely popular since they are very exciting and demand teamwork, patience, leadership skills, and logic. They are also pretty challenging, with only 20% of all groups actually managing to get out before their time runs out. You can always choose the level of difficulty your team wishes to challenge – all for the fun of it.

Creative Cook Off

Creating dishes together will require creativity and everyone in the team must offer input as to what they think will make the best dish. Teamwork and leadership will be essential as small teams are given challenges to produce something delicious yet simple to prepare.

Choose a food category that you are all comfortable with – from pizza to ice-cream, from Thai cuisine to chilli crab. The options are endless. To make these cooking based corporate team building activities more challenging, pick a few ingredients that every team must use, say garlic or mango (!).

For more positive results with whichever corporate team building activities you’ve decided to use, ensure that the group knows the objective of the activity and what they are supposed to learn from those activities.

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