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Corporate Team Building Venues

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What to Look For In Corporate Team Building Venues?

When searching for corporate team building venues, the first thing that you need to know is the size of your group and the capacity of the venue. This is important since it will determine if the venue is able to book you and how much the venue will cost.

The next item that you need to figure out is what activities you and the team would like to hold. There are venues that can accommodate team building events for nearly all the activities. If you want an unforgettable team building experience, here are some of the best corporate team building venues.

1. Golf Course

Golf courses have been one of the go-to corporate team building venues for a long time, as golf is a relaxed yet challenging team building activity. Many golf courses now have other activities available, if your team does not feel like playing golf.

2. Art Galleries

Getting out of the office is relaxing, and taking a walk through an art gallery can help you de-stress. There are many types of museums and art galleys that you can visit with your team members. There are even some museums that have programs and displays that can be used for your team building activities.


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3. Night Activities

Most people think that you can only have team building activities during the day, but there are many venues that are open at night. Movie theatres, restaurants, and some attractions (Mandai Zoo’s popular Night Safari) are only open during the evening. You may find some other exciting and happening places when you’re planning your nocturnal team building activities.

Some other popular night activities are: night cycling, fishing and even bowling.

4. The Office

Who says that you need to leave the office to have fun? Many offices have more than enough rooms to conduct team building activities. This is great since you do not have to worry about leaving someone in the office to handle all the work while the others are having fun. And there is simply no excuse for people to get lost on the way to the venue!

Finding corporate team building venues can be a challenge, as big group sizes may not fit many venues. Besides designing corporate group activities for companies, we can also help locate suitable corporate team building venues for you. Contact us when you are planning any team building events, as we are more than happy to help.

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