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Henna Team Building

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Teamwork Divides The Task And Doubles The Success

Looking for ways to strengthen the bond between the employees in your organisation? Thinking of how to resolve conflicts between your IT Department and Sales Department? Wondering how to increase the productivity of your company?

As the saying goes: Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.

It is no surprise that relationship building is a critical element that is typically lacking in many organisations. Some of the most significant challenges in organisations can be traced to relationship issues of trust, communication and teamwork. So companies understand that in order for their businesses to thrive, it is very important to organise team building activities regularly to encourage their employees to build strong bonds and develop good interpersonal skills.

3 Primary Forms Of Learning

The 3 main educational techniques are: Auditory Techniques, Visual Techniques and Kinesthetic Learning.

The first two techniques are self-explanatory. The third technique simply refers to a learning style where the students learn by carrying out physical activities, that is, they learn via practical applications, instead of just taking theory lessons.

Practical workshops are wonderful team building activities as they accomplish just that – participants learn from the trainer as he tells them what to do (auditory), shows them how to do it (visual), and finally the participants have to do it themselves (kinesthetic).

We know groups can accomplish complex, creative tasks while learning more about their fellow workers. They learn about each other through cooperative working efforts. They learn to offer help to their slower co-workers, and they are not afraid to seek help from the quick learners.

If you are looking for activities that your employees can learn to work and bond together in a competitive and creative atmosphere, our Henna Team Building Workshop may be a good choice for you.

Henna Team Building Workshop


Henna Design Completed


Coloured Henna Design


Henna Intricate Flowers


Why Choose Henna Team Building Workshops?

Why Henna Team Building?

It is important to choose activities that you have not tried before. When the team members are excited and full of anticipation for the unknown, there is a build up of energy and engagement in the group.

Moreover recent brain researches suggest that by creating multiple pathways in the brain by teaching in a variety of methods, we improve the retention and recollection of information for the participants.

Curious to know what is this all about? 

Henna is actually an art of temporary skin decoration – a form of body art normally used on our hands, palms, feet, arms, and bodies. It is a great way to create designs on your skin using plant dyes, without the permanent effects of a tattoo.

Popularly used at both corporate and private events, parties and weddings, henna art is a fascinating way to express yourself creatively and let your personality shine through. So let the creative juices of your team members flow by organising a fun time of bonding for them with our Henna Team Building Workshop service.

Team Building Activities for Youth

Discover Your Creative Talent

Join Teambuilding offers comprehensive and value-for-money Henna Workshops that  promise your team members an educational yet enjoyable afternoon of team bonding – teaching you about the proper techniques and the history of Henna Art. You do not have to worry about the materials and equipment, as all these will be provided in the package.

Have fun and create awesome henna designs together with your colleagues with this amazing team building activity. There are a myriad of designs to choose from, such as Flower Henna, Indian Henna, Arabic Henna, Moroccan Henna, Pakistani Henna and more! In addition, choose from a variety of dyes for your creative designs: Instant Henna, Colour2 Henna, Black Henna and Glitter Henna.

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Q: What is henna?

Ans: Henna is a paste used to colour skin (almost tattoo-like) and hair. It is made from the henna leaves that has been dried, pounded or mashed to fine powder-like texture, and after which mixed with hot water to give a natural and harmless paste.

Q: If I apply henna on my palm, hand or any part of my body, can it be removed later?

Ans: Henna designs applied on any part of the body is not permanent. It will slowly fade and disappear after 1 week.

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