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Team Bonding Games

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Team Bonding Games Energise People

Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

The moment different people coming from different backgrounds end up together in a single workplace, it is very important for them to work together as a team. The importance of team building has been well documented. In a harmonious workplace, people are able to work more productively and effectively. Together, everyone accomplishes more.

There is a wide range of games that you can choose from. In order to achieve the full benefits of teamwork, you’ll need to choose an appropriate activity/game which suits your purpose. Identify exactly what is your goal or objective in this team bonding exercise. If an outdoor game is selected, make sure there is adequate space. Consider the group’s profile – age, gender, physical condition etc when selecting your team bonding games.

Game Options – Indoor Activities

First of all, it is important to determine whether you want to have an indoor event or an outdoor one. If you want to hold it indoors, you may want to have some quiz contests, charades or debates. These games create a fun atmosphere for which your employees can learn to overcome their anxiety and fear of failure, manage stress, and learn to help their team mates through tough times by cheering them on during the contests.

Art games are also effective as a team binder. You can incorporate fun games, educational workshops and exciting competitions into your art workshop. These activities can help the employees discover their hidden artistic talents and also, the competitions can be a motivating tool to spur team members to peak performance.

Other team bondings games that you can take advantage of are cooking/baking competitions. There is no doubt food brings people together. Whether or not your nature of business is related to cooking, the interest and love for good food is something everybody can relate to. These cooking games can display the culinary skills of the team members while serving as a good platform for establishing camaraderie among the employees at the same time.

team building activities for adults

Outdoor Activities To Invigorate Your Team

Should you decide to bring the activity outside, outdoor team bonding games can be prepared as well. These activities are designed to boost teamwork, enhance problem solving and survival skills and teach physical coordination. For example, you may want to prepare a simple picnic or potluck, and a well-organised treasure hunt for a quick bonding session.

A major reason a company may choose to conduct team bonding games is to get everyone to know their colleagues better, in a more informal atmosphere. By engaging in these team building initiatives, individual team members become more accepting and understanding of the different personalities in their team. This makes for a more cohesive and harmonious team.

Effective Team Bonding For Your Workplace

The overall effectiveness of an entire team depends the members’ problem-solving ability, and interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution and consensus building. Team bonding games can include innovative ideas and activities that can help in uniting the individuals in your team by building trust and improving communication. In the end, these games can keep the entire team fresh and happy. As your staff go back to your workplace, they can have more productive and efficient output.

Team building is not a “spectator sport”. Effective team bonding requires active participation from all the group members and the continuous support of the company’s management. Managers and leaders need to conduct their team building programs regularly, while reiterating clearly to their team members the organisation’s objectives and corporate culture. So that the whole team can work with mutual respect and appreciation for their co-workers, towards a common goal, and towards the organisation’s success.

If you want your employees to benefit from such team bonding games, to learn new concepts which they can apply in their work and everyday dealings with their fellow workers, contact a professional like Join Teambuilding. Our consultants will be more than happy to assist you with your team building efforts.

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