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Team Bonding Ideas

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Factors To Guide Your Choice Of Effective Team Bonding Ideas

Creating a cooperative work environment and culture can significantly increase the productivity and effectiveness of the staff in an organisation. Team building events can be used to develop this culture; however, it is important that you choose the right team bonding ideas to ensure that the intended results are achieved. Where inappropriate activities are chosen for team building, these events will only be a waste of time and money, with no guaranteed results.

To drive employee engagement, you must have a clear idea on what motivates your workers, and commit to effectively communicate your objectives to them. An engaged workforce results in lower absenteeism and turnover, and increases your company’s productivity and profitability. Engaged employees drive customer satisfaction, simply with their dedication to customer service.

Below, we have compiled a list of useful tips for organisations to consider when putting together a list of appropriate team bonding ideas.

Needs Of The Participating Team

Before you even start looking at potential team bonding ideas to include in your organisation’s corporate event, it is important that you first assess the unique needs of the participating teams.

Simply picking team bonding activities from available options without considering the needs of all participating parties may end up in a huge failure. The existing relationship between participants should guide you as you assess the suitability of different ideas. It is also worth noting that varying physical and psychological abilities of each participant should be considered as part of the needs of the participating team.

Set Objectives

Different organisations and participating teams usually have different goals in mind when it comes to team building. It is important that you take the time to identify clear goals and objectives of the planned team building event as per the needs of the team at hand; using them to guide your choice of team bonding ideas. Some of the objectives to consider include communication and coordination among others.

For example, employees become more engaged when their immediate supervisor communicates openly with them, recognises their contribution, and gives feedback and encouragement that enhance their performance at work.

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Pick Suitable Activities That Fulfil Your Objectives

A brief internet search can reveal numerous team building ideas. It is more important to remember that not all these ideas go hand in hand with the objectives you have set for your organisation’s team building initiatives. It is, therefore, important that event planners take the time to establish the suitability of team bonding ideas to the objectives they wish to achieve, before implementing them proper.

The activities chosen should not alienate any of the participants, but should accommodate everyone’s needs. Only so will these activities encourage active participation.

Professional Help With Team Bonding Events

Even as you consider various team bonding ideas, it is worth noting that you may need professional assistance to facilitate a successful event. Professional planners have the skills and knowledge required to identify team needs and gauge the effectiveness of various activities in achieving the set goals and objectives. As such, it is recommended that you involve a professional team building event planner in the earliest stage of the process to ensure that you get the best results. In most cases, team bonding events that do not have professional input end up as a failure.

Remember, team bonding and engagement form the foundation of our business culture, which ultimately leads to best-in-class performance in your organisation’s growth, bottomline and customer service.

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