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Team Building Activities For Adults

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What Are The Best Team Building Activities For Adults?

Team building has been proven to motivate employees and boost overall performance at work. More organisations are now realising these benefits and have started to search for the best team building activities for adults. The trick is to keep these activities enjoyable and accessible to all team members in order to reap the numerous benefits.

A Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the best team building activities for adults as it incorporates the whole team effectively along with being highly customisable. If you need to increase the difficulty, you can set up websites, riddles or even customised QR codes. Some scavenger hunts can even feature GPS tracking, so it will all depend on your needs and how long you intend the hunt to be.

This team building activity is great for fostering team spirit, bonding, and improving collaboration as team members work together to gather the clues, solve puzzles to gain the ultimate prize.

The Minefield

Are you looking to motivate your employees and enhance problem solving and collaboration skills? The minefield is one of the most effective team building activities for adults that you should try to achieve exactly that.

It is a simple indoor activity, and you can use various office items, from office chairs and boxes to water bottles among others. Simply create challenging obstacle course that is filled with “mines” and then have your team guide a person from end to end without stepping on any mines.

Team Building Activities for Youth

Winter Frostbite Challenge

This particular activity can either be used indoors or outdoors. Divide your team into groups of five and have them imagine that they are Arctic explorers. They have just encountered a storm during their journey, and now they are forced to put up an emergency tent to survive.

During the storm, the hands of the team leader develop frostbite, which means that the person cannot physically help to construct the shelter, while the rest of the team suffer from snow blindness. The team leader will need to give his or her team instructions to construct the shelter, which makes it one of the most challenging team building activities for adults. This activity teaches resource allocation, builds trust and challenges team members’ ability to follow directives of their team leader.

Community Service Activities

There are so many options when it comes to community service team building activities for adults. This includes things like community beautification projects, beach clean-ups, visiting the home for the aged, spending time with sick children at a local hospital and so much more.

Find a community service activity that your team can relate to and go out and have some fun with your team while improving your community. Team members can also offer their professional skills doing pro bono work such as dispensing legal advice, volunteering at the local hospital, or even offering free hair cuts to low income families.

With these few team building activities for adults, you should be able to find one that best suits your team and get started on your way to improving staff morale and team productivity.

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