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Team Building Activities For Work

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Fun and Exciting Team Building Activities For Work

It is pretty terrible to be the new guy especially when it comes to work. You always have that feeling of anxiety since you don’t know the things that you should expect. You are always nervous since you have no idea if you will get along with the rest of the workers. On the other hand, you also want to excel in your job and advance your career.

In order to welcome the newbie and ease his awkwardness, there are employers that conduct team building activities for work to allow the newcomer to easily adapt to the new environment and be introduced properly to his co-workers.

3 Team Building Activities For Work To Try Out

There are times when you stepped into a place where the workers’ morale and spirit are so low and you instantly want to leave the place already. Perhaps the company is experiencing a rough time, and it will probably continue if the mood continues like this. But do not fret as there are team building activities for work that will increase the morale of your workers.

Bonding Belt

Bonding Belt is one of the great team building activities for work that compels your workers to work hand in hand. It will instantly promote communication and interaction. The activity will essentially last from 15-30 minutes, and it is a perfect team bonding activity when having a short break during a company event or a dry meeting. During the game, a group with 6 members will be tied using masking tape or cling film. Their goal is to race across the room in the fastest possible time. Conducting this type of game can get pretty crazy so be sure you have someone to facilitate the game.

Team Building Activities for Kids

Circle Of Questions

When your business grows and expands, it is expected for you to hire new workers. There may even be a need to bring in an entire new team since your previous workers may probably be working in different positions or handling stable projects now. In order to motivate, promote active listening and improve communication skills, Circle of Questions would be one of the best team building activities for work.

For best results, start with some easy ‘small talk’ style questions gradually working towards the questions most closely linked to the theme or problem you want to address. It is an ideal way to address some internal issues of the company as well as some unspoken conflicts among co-workers.

Being Present

Communication is one of the vital key in fortifying a great team. It is just impossible to have a thriving and successful relationship if the workers lack efficient communication. They should be aware on when to voice out their insights and when to listen to an idea. The ‘Being Present’ team building activities for work that are offered by Join Teambuilding will aid in identifying distractions and improve the attention span of the employees.

There are different goals and various types of topic that you want to address with team building activities for work. When hiring a partner for your team bonding activity, you should choose someone who has the experience in dealing with different companies to guarantee that they have the means to support your team building initiatives.

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