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Team Building Activities

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Team Building Activities That You Will Love

Team building activities bring people closer to each other by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. The activities help people see their colleagues in a different setting and allow them to connect with one another.

One of the reasons why groups do team building activities is to get results right away. The team building events are planned to be fun and motivational. Some types of team building activities include conflict resolution, planning, communication, and problem solving. Through the activities, members of the team bond with one another – this will garner long term results such as genuine connections with one another.

Indoor Team Building Activities

A lot of people think that team building activities can only take place outdoors. While physical activities are popular among both kids and adults alike, they are not only the type of activities that can bring a group closer. There are different types of exercises, and some of them can be done indoors. And they don’t take up the whole day. Some exercises can be completed within an hour.

While these activities are not as intricate as those done outdoors, they still provide the same results – that is to improve productivity, foster genuine camaraderie, strengthen trust and motivate the participants.

One type of indoor team building activities is the Trust Exercise. Trust is often a concern in any organisation, whether it is a social club, a company or within a group of friends. There are various trust building exercises that include trust falling and blind fold activities.

Team Building Activities for Kids

Another type of activity that will allow team members to work with each other is problem-solving. It can be a treasure hunt, riddles or puzzles, just to name a few. Cooperation and teamwork are important in solving problems activities.

Lastly, there are communication exercises where team members must work together and improve their communication skills. Some of the communication team building activities include sketching games, charades, and board games. Keep in mind that communication games are not only verbal. They may also involve non-verbal communication as well.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor activities allow people to bond with each other in a different environment. They are outside of their comfort zone, and away from their daily routines. Some of the outdoor activities include nature hike, maze navigating, cycling, and scavenger hunt.

If you need help in organising team building activities, contact us right away. We will be more than happy to provide you with a plan that includes the venue for the team building exercises, itinerary, and transportation when needed. We can also customise the activities to cater to the specific goals of your team.

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