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Team Building Games For Work

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Engaging Team Building Games For Work

When it comes to the workplace, understanding your fellow employees – how they think and why they think that way can improve the way you work together. Establishing ties with all members of the team can be a bit overwhelming due to the fact that you are dealing with different individuals with different personalities.

The conventional team building games for work will no longer cut the deal and will just receive eye-rolling rather than excitement. A great team bonding game should be able to forge closer connections among team members and promote learning in a fun and engaging manner.

Here are some of the games that Join Teambuilding is offering that are not only fun, but are also designed to improve the efficiency of your team.

Different Team Building Games For Work

Zombie Escape

For improving the collaboration and the problem-solving skills of your team, the Zombie Escape would definitely be the exhilarating team building game for work. During the game, the facilitator will gather everyone in a conference room; one worker will pretend to be the zombie and the remaining team members will be locked in the conference room. The zombie will be tied using a rope and restrained from reaching the conference room. However the rope will be gradually loosened every 5 minutes, with the zombie inching towards them. Team members are required to solve the puzzle before the zombie reaches them.

Battle Of The Bands

Have you ever seen that popular lip-sync battle show wherein the participants will only lip-sync the song of their choice? We will take that to a higher level and create A Battle of the Bands. Every team will have 4-5 members, and they will decide who will be the guitarist, bassist, vocalist, drummer and the keyboard player. Ample time is provided for the teams to rehearse their chosen song, before they will lip-sync their song and perform in front of everyone. This activity is not only fun, but it also enhances communication skills, builds confidence and teaches resource allocation.

team building activities for adults

Shrinking Vessel

For improving the camaraderie and improving the problem-solving skills of your team, the Shrinking Vessel would be a great team building game for work. You will only need ample space and a rope. We will have the members of the team stand inside the rope, and we will gradually reduce the space. This will force the participants to quickly think how to stay together in the small space within the confines of the rope. The physically strong members may need to carry the more petite and lighter members.

Community Service

Great team building games for work should also have the act of giving back to the community. During work holidays, it would be a great chance for you to conduct a beach clean-up, followed by a game of beach volleyball.  Or let the team participate in the adopt-an-orphanage activity, where you can organise games where you can play with the homeless kids.

It is a great way for your team to engage in charitable acts and give back to society. Additionally, it improves the bonding of your team and is also the perfect way to market your business and boost your company’s image.

Team building games play an important role in enhancing the capabilities of individuals in numerous ways. These fun-filled and engaging activities can lighten the moods of team members, creating a friendly environment so that the individuals perform better, which ultimately helps a successful business prosper.

If you need advice in organising team building games for your work place, feel free to contact us.

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