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Team Building Games For Youth

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Team Building Games To Develop Youth’s Potential To The Fullest 

Team building games for youth are designed to build strong relationships, promote bonding, improve dynamics, and most importantly, strengthen the sense of identity of the team members in the group. It is very important to plan everything accordingly in order to cater to the particular needs of the youth group.

The following games generally involve the sharing of experiences, which is a very important ingredient in the building of relationships.

Encouragement Game

This positive game will simply leave the entire team feeling energised and refreshed! There is no doubt that everybody can benefit from some encouragement, both in giving and in receiving them from the peers in the group. This “feel-good” game also provides an opportunity for the youth to thank people for doing good and simply focus on the positives they see, instead of dwelling on the negatives that bound to exist too.

The youths make an effort to recognise what is good and choose to give it prominence. The Encouragement Game can turn out to be a life changer, as the power of positivity will change the disposition of the youths, creating a warm, energetic and optimistic young person.

Human Knot

One of the most common team building games for youth is the Human Knot. As suggested by the name, it involves the creation of knots using human arms. Everyone will join hands together to form a human knot out of their arms. The goal of the game is to untangle those arms without letting go of the hands you are holding. This game involves problem solving and communication skills, with the group working together as a team to solve a specific problem (untangling).

Team Building Activities for Kids

Random Acts Of Kindness

This may not really be considered as a difficult or competitive game, but it is definitely a meaningful game to challenge the youths. These random acts of kindness do not just help in the youth’s character development, the benefits also extend to those families or people who have received help.

Divide the youth into small groups, and challenge them to perform as many random acts of kindness in a specified amount of time as they can. When they return, invite them to share what they have done, how they felt while doing it, and how their actions affected those they have served. They can choose to spend time with the elderly, help the disabled, or even organise a food drive for those needy families. In the end, they will just find it amazing to observe how their little acts of kindness can bring so much joy to other people, and marvel at just what a team of young people can accomplish together.

Youth Camps

Of course, among the most popular team building events for youth are Youth Camps. Most young people who have attended youth camps would agree that they create the most positive and biggest impact in their lives. Youth camps provide youths with a community of caring mentors who provide experiential education that is outside of the school syllabus.

In the camps, the youths are pushed out of their comfort zone by trying unfamiliar activities and gaining new experiences. They develop social skills as they learn to communicate, work together as part of a team, and take turns to be a leader during different activities. The young campers build character during camp – they learn about taking responsibility for their actions, learn to care for their team mates, respect their seniors and understand the importance of giving and contributing to the greater good of the team.

Most importantly, the youths learn to be independent individuals, without relying on their parents, but depending on the support of their team members to accomplish various tasks given to them in a timely and responsible manner. Besides learning about important life skills, these youths also build great friendships and enduring memories during camp – which is why attending a youth camp is such a rewarding and fruitful experience in every youth’s life.

Indeed, there are a lot of team building games catered for the needs of youths that you can take advantage of. The goal of these games is to better equip the youth as they prepare to enter adulthood. If you wish to know more, feel free to contact us.

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