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Quick And Exciting Team Building Games For All

When your employees find that team building games are boring, it pretty much removes all the advantages of team building. The games you choose for team building should not only be educational, but enjoyable as well. They can help your team members get to know more about each other, pick up problem-solving skills and generally have fun.

Here are few quick and exciting games that you can use for your team building sessions.

The Barter Trade Puzzle Game

For this particular game, you will need small groups of up to 5 people, and different jigsaw puzzles are to be given to each group. The aim is to encourage each group to complete their puzzles in the shortest time possible. However, the puzzle pieces will be mixed across the groups, which means that the team must find ways of getting the pieces they need through negotiating, trading and even exchanging different team members. Team building games of this nature help to improve negotiation skills, train problem-solving abilities and teaches resource allocation.

The Truth And Lies Game

There are no tools required for this game, and it can be quickly done indoors, even within a limited space. You simply sit your team members in a circle and then have every member come up with 3 truths about themselves and 1 lie. Ensure that the lie is realistic enough to help in making these team building games more challenging. Once someone shares, other team members can start guessing which one of the statements is a lie. This game will give introverts an opportunity to open up to their peers as it serves as an excellent ice-breaker.

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The Blind Drawing Game

Have your team members pair up and sit with their bodies facing away from each other. One person will have a pen and paper to draw a picture of what is being described by their partner without seeing the object or getting a clear explanation of what to draw. The person holding the object must, therefore look for creative ways of describing the object. With these team building games, the focus is on communication and interpretation. The final drawing is always interesting as it shows how the drawer interpreted his/her partner’s verbal description.

The Perfect Question Game

The team leader chooses a situation and requires the team members to write down what they all consider as the perfect question to determine the best candidate for that particular situation. Example situations are, being married, babysitting or leading a company. By analysing the results from each team member, this team building game helps employees find out what is most important to their co-workers.

When carefully chosen and implemented, team building games offer a fun way of getting to know more about your colleagues, develop interpersonal skills, learn problem-solving, practise negotiation, while improving team unity and building a cohesive organisation. If you need help with doing this for your organisation, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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