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Team Building Activities For Adults At Work

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Easy Team Building Activities For Your Workplace

There is no denying the effectiveness of team building efforts. However, there are some situations where you may not have enough time to go outdoors to a team building venue. In such cases, you need several team building activities for adults at work to allow you to improve your company’s teamwork.

Read on to find out the main activities that you can use right in your place of work to help you build a stronger and more cohesive organisation.

Find A Common Thread

Break up your team into several groups of roughly five people and then instruct each group to determine one commonality they share together. It could be an interest or hobby, favourite food or even type of music. After determining the main common feature, they then develop a creative list of the stereotypical features of such people.

The aim is to talk about common stereotypes and how they affect the way we perceive people. It is also interesting that members will always be able to find a commonality with each other, which helps to improve bonding.

Fun Organisational Jenga

Another easy team building activity for adults at work is organisational Jenga. In this variation of the Jenga game, you mark the wooden blocks based on the departments in your organisation. For instance, you may have some of the blocks marked as HR or IT department among others. Ask your team to create a certain structure within a time limit.

The goal here is to show just how important each department is to have a well-functioning organisation. Without even one single department, the whole organisation (a.k.a Jenga Tower) will collapse.

Team Building Activities for Work

Selling Desk Items

Ask your team members to each bring one item on their desk and then inform them that their chosen item is their brand new product which they need to market to their peers. In effect, they are to create a new name, a catchy slogan and persuasive marketing for that item. Afterwards, you can have group or individual presentations and then discuss together the products that were most effectively sold and most well-received by everyone.

These team building activities for adults at work allow design and marketing teams to get more creative in how they approach problem-solving efforts.

Active Listening

In this exercise, prepare a long speech with lots of mind-numbing jargon that vaguely talks about sales goals. However, sprinkled inside the speech should be statements that say something entirely different. These statements should contain information or instructions that you will quiz your team members afterwards.

The objective is to have the members feedback about what they thought you were talking about, and find out who was actively listening. It is perhaps one of the most interesting team building activities for adults as you get to learn the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

So give these team building activities for adults at work a try and see what beneficial impact they have on your team and business as a whole. Contact us if you need help with organising effective team building activities for your staff today!

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