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Team Building Activities For Communication

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Effective Team Building Activities For Communication

Effective communication among the employers is vital for the company’s success. Unfortunately, statistics show that not a lot of companies are emphasising on its importance. Around 60% of the workers lack the essential elements needed to effectively communicate. 82% of them believe that the organisation should address this problem. Effective communication can be easily achieved with a myriad of team building activities for communication. Such activities promote interaction and team cooperation, and allow members to develop trust and build meaningful relationships with one another.

Here are the top team bonding activities that focus on enhancing communication among participants.

Top 4 Team Building Activities For Communication

Ice Breaker

Ice breakers are popular methods to introduce the new guy to the old workers. Such team building activities for communication are intended to promote cooperation and communication among the members of the team. Ice breakers can start any time and have infinite themes.

One popular ice breaking activity would be to ask the new guy to go around the room and ask everyone to divulge one little known attribute about themselves. This is a great way of getting acquainted and having a good laugh together.

Verbal Communication

When you are conducting team building activities for communication, you try as much as you can to eliminate the distractions. Verbal Communication is intended that way. During verbal communication, the eyes of the participants will be blindfolded. The facilitator will then ask the participants to line up according to their attributes, say oldest to the youngest, or tallest to the shortest.

This will force participants to communicate with one another in order to finish the given task. Being blindfolded is actually good for those shy participants, who may normally mumble while staring on the floor, instead of looking into the listener’s eyes.

Team Building Activities for Youth

Nonverbal Communication

Who says team building activities for communication is only for verbal communication? Sometimes nonverbal communication can be just as effective as verbal communication. Nonverbal communication involves conveying feelings, emotions, attitudes and thoughts through body movements, gestures and eye contact.  Activities promoting nonverbal communication are designed to encourage the participants to communicate without the need to speak.

One perfect example would be the classic game of Charades – where one player acts out a word or phrase, often by miming similar-sounding words, or acting out certain situations. Then the other players would need to guess the word or phrase from the nonverbal clues given.  Thus participants learn to convey their message with their body language (such as movements and gestures) to their team members.

Written Communication

Written communication is a form of business communication. It is essential for companies and business owners to equip their staff with effective writing skills, as nowadays, common written communication methods are through e-mails or interoffice memos. Clear written communication are important when preparing promotional materials for business development or for clients, assists in proper delegation of responsibilities, and helps in laying down proper policies and rules for smooth operation within an organisation.

One of the most effective types of team building activities for communication would be to get participants to write down a solution for a certain “How To” problem in a precise manner. For instance, if them are to write the instructions on “How to tie a shoe lace in 5 steps”, the person who managed to give the most comprehensive yet concise answer wins.

Communication is an essential aspect of team cooperation, and a great attribute of a successful business. Effective business communication skills are vital when interacting with your co-workers or your customers. Without good business communication, the internal and external structure of a business can face numerous challenges that can ultimately lead to its demise.

Join TeamBuilding is committed to designing effective team building activities for communication that will strengthen the interaction of the participants, help them build lasting relationships and contribute to a profitable business.

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