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Team Building Events

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Top Team Building Events You Should Try Out

Team building events can be as fun and memorable as you want them to be. It is a time to let loose, release some of that work anxiety and enhance motivation at work. Therefore, ensure you choose unique activities or events that will allow you to get all the benefits of team building for your group.

Here are some great team building event ideas you can try out:

Boot Camp

This is a fun, outdoors program that promotes team development and interaction. The benefits include trust-building, leadership, fitness, communication, and teamwork. In these kinds of team building events, the team is subjected to physically challenging activities involving problem-solving and team dynamics. Even though boot camp is generally a physically intense program, you can tailor the activities to the unique fitness levels of your team members.

Fashion Show

This is one of the most enjoyable fashion-themed team building events. It will require creativity, friendly competition, project management, communication, resource utilisation and innovation. It is an indoor program where team members are expected to create unique outfits based on a specific era (Victorian, Vintage, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Hollywood Glamour, Grunge, Hippy, Gothic….) or music genre (Glam Rock, Glam Punk, Glam Goth…).

There are endless possibilities. Think Indie Music, Country Music, Classical Music, Pop Music, Hip-hop Music….. you get the idea. The outfits are then modelled in a closing catwalk show, which is a spectacular conclusion to the program.

Giving Back To The Society

This includes all team building events that are designed to help the society and the less fortunate communities in our midst in one way or the other. It could be volunteering to cook for the homeless, organising medical checkups for the elderly or even helping out at a local charity.

Such meaningful team building events cultivate generosity and a giving spirit, and boost interaction and bonding between the participants. Additionally, they help to highlight the importance of social responsibility for businesses – that even big corporations need to play their part in contributing back to our society.

Playing Detective / Escape Room

Are you looking to enhance strategy development, leadership, and delegation for your department? Then you should try exciting team building events that have an element of suspense, and place an emphasis on solving puzzles and mysteries.

During the program, participants are locked in a room. They are supposed to act as detectives, and work together to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape out of the room within a given time limit. Usually, the setting is a fictitious location, such as a dragon’s dungeon, a wizard’s lair or even a prison cell.

Escape rooms have become a big hit with the highly strung, overworked young professionals globally. Players love the different thematic rooms where they can immerse themselves in for 2-3 hours. Together with their team mates, they cooperate to solve mysteries, find clues, test their IQs and strategise on how to escape out of the room victoriously.

Mini Olympics

There are no selection meets or qualification times when it comes to Mini Olympics team building events. In fact, participants of all levels of ability are highly encouraged to take part. This way everyone can learn about healthy competition, comradeship, teamwork and have an enjoyable time building stronger bonds with one another. It is a high energy event that will foster trust and communication in your team.

These are only a few of the numerous team building events you can engage in today. At the end of the day, your employees are going to benefit greatly from their team building experiences. With stronger bonds and fewer barriers, your team will be transformed into a more dynamic, efficient and productive workforce.

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