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Team Building Exercises

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Unity Is Strength

We are all well aware that unity is strength, and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful and amazing things can be achieved.  Collaboration is the key to unlocking a team’s potential. By learning to work together, we can achieve results that are more than the sum of the parts.

The reason that many managers failed with their team building exercises is because they don’t have a predefined set of goals in mind when planning for the exercises. This means that the team building exercises are haphazardly arranged, and a complete waste of time and resources.

On the other hand, professional team building event coordinators design events that create powerful activities that unite teams.  Such exercises help individuals develop personal skill sets, discover the team’s weaknesses and enhances the team’s strengths.

Team Building Exercises To Build Strong Teams

The first and foremost step when planning team building exercises is to know what challenges your team members are currently facing. Once you have this important information, the appropriate team building exercises can be selected for the event. In short, you need to think about what the team’s strengths and weaknesses are. You need to define goals and the processes. Milestones must be defined and clearly presented to the team.

If you are not sure what the problems are with your current team, there are general team building exercises you can start off with. These exercises can help crystallise the problems, so you can use more specialised exercises in the future.

How To Make Team Building Exercises Successful?

There are thousands of different team building exercises that you can apply. The key is to engage in such team building activities consistently and in a focused manner.

Many companies only carry out team building exercises once or twice a year.  When in fact, as an organisation grows, more new employees come onboard and new departments are set up. In order for different departments to work to create an integrated team, we need to increase collaboration between them, discover the different team styles, communication methods and build trust among the members of the different teams.

Team Building Activities for Kids

Consistency Is Key To Long Term Success

Team building needs to be implemented regularly for long term success. Also, think about incorporating a mixture of general activities and specialised exercises (which focus on specific skills such as problem solving, communication, anger management, trust building, etc) into your program, as this allows a more rounded set of team skills to be acquired by the participants.

If you want your team building exercises to yield favourable results, you need to look at what issues and challenges the team is currently facing. All these need to be addressed systematically. For example, resolve internal conflicts within the team with activities which stress on communication, trust building, negotiation and interpersonal skills.

Run your team building exercises on a regular basis to facilitate group bonding and improve team dynamics. Smaller team building initiatives which can be undertaken weekly are also essential as they serve as a constant reminder to team members on the importance of collaborative efforts to achieve common goals and objectives. These serve as valuable and memorable lessons for teamwork, leadership and consensus.

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