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Team Building Ideas

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Team Building Ideas For Kids And Adults

Are you running out of team building ideas? Then you’ve came to the right page. We at Jointeambuilding.com offer a wide range of team building exercises for adults and kids alike. Our goal is to help a group become closer with each other.

Team-building activities are fun ways to help people know each other better, learn teamwork, and build trust. The best team building ideas are those that allow participants to bond with each other while having fun.

Team Building Ideas For Adults

When the morale of the company is down, the best way to bring it up is through various team building ideas. These activities are designed to improve trust, confidence, and communication among colleagues.

Some team building ideas are physical types. Others are more mentally challenging. But they all teach participants to work together as a team.

One such activity is Bond Belt. This requires a lot of clear open space for the teams to move from one point to another. It also requires a rope, band or a roll of cling film in order to keep the group together. Each group should have at least six members. They will be stuck with each other as they race with other groups.

Another fun team building idea that will energise and refresh your team is Concentration. This activity doesn’t require a lot of time and needs a group of 10 to 20 people. Participants will be divided into two groups, with each group forming a line facing each other. The game starts with the first line turning around, and the second line has 40 to 60 seconds to change ten things about themselves. This can be switching clothes with another or removing accessories. Once the time is up, the first line will then try to find the changes made. This activity actually trains the participants’ ability to focus and not be caught up by the chaotic situation around them.

Team Building Activities for Youth

Team Building Ideas For Kids

Team building for members of a youth sports team or among classmates will allow children to know each other better, learn decision making and build up their confidence.

One of the best ways to make kids bond with each other is through their favourite food like pizza or ice cream. You can allow kids to make their own sundaes by buying ice cream and toppings for them – they can choose the ice cream flavour, types of toppings, whether dry topping like nuts or cookies, or wet toppings like strawberry or chocolate sauces. The idea here is they actually learn to make decisions for themselves – and this helps them build self-confidence.

During pizza making sessions, they learn to follow instructions in the pizza-making process, get to be creative with the myriad pizza toppings they can scatter onto their very own pizzas and of course, get to enjoy their own handiwork when the pizza is out of the oven.   And the best thing about it is that kids don’t even realise that it is a team building session. They will be too busy having fun and hanging out while enjoying ice cream or pizza.

These are just some of the team building ideas for kids and adults. We at Jointeambuilding.com can help you find the right activities for your group. If you need help in organising a team building session, contact us. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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