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Team Building Trips

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Nothing Beats Team Building Trips

Attempting to increase the morale and productivity of a team can turn out to be one of the most difficult challenges that any business will face. Most modern businesses depend heavily on their staff for the entire business to run smoothly and productively during operating hours. It only takes one single issue or one discontented employee to spark off a chain of events which may result in a negative impact on the overall profitability of the company.

While smaller businesses easily notice this problem, it does not mean bigger companies do not face such issues as well. Organising team building trips can be challenging as well, but with proper planning, such trips can be effective in boosting the team’s morale.

Here are some ideas that you can take into consideration.

Volunteering Trips

Spending time to support a common good is not just great for the soul; it is also an amazing way for each member of the team to bond together as a whole. Trips can include visiting a local hospice, building houses for the homeless villagers, or even sharing gifts at children’s hospitals or orphanages for the holidays.

This type of volunteering is skill-based, and a great way in which you can stretch the expertise of your employees. It is very meaningful that your team members volunteer their time and effort, while using their professional skills to help others.

Mystery Dinner

This idea for team building trips is one of the most beloved options among businesses, especially when FOOD is involved.

On a particular day, you inform folks from different departments within the company to go somewhere for a company dinner. It can be in somebody’s house, somewhere in the city, or even at JB. This dinner will be hosted by one of the leaders in the company, and of course, fully paid by the company.

Such impromptu dinners enable random groups of individuals from a company to spend an entire evening enjoying great food and amazing conversations together. This type of dinner is mysterious, so to say, because the participants will only know about the date and time.

On the afternoon of the said dinner, you can email or text everyone the place to gather for the pre-arranged transport to pick them up later, as well as who they will be going with. Imagine their anticipation building up as dinner time approaches!

Team Building Activities for Work

Something Local Yet Touristy

Reality dictates that most professionals have not really toured their own city yet! In order to maximise the event and the opportunity, you can choose a hot tourist destination and visit it as a team. You can expect some good laughs at how silly it actually feels to be a tourist right in your own city.

Some local places of interest which are good options include –  Marina Bay Sands, Mandai Zoo (especially the award winning River Safari Cruise) or even Universal Studios at Sentosa!

Bottom Line

If you do not have any previous experience in planning these team building trips, contact us for further details and advise. You will certainly be able to enjoy these trips, and hit your company’s productivity goals at the same time!

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